Trust and Faith

I am soo blessed and so grateful to even have a job right now. I can remember not too long ago that I was almost ready to give up. I was doubtful, discouraged, and worn out by nothing happening. I had tried countless numbers of times telling myself that I would be ok and that I shouldn’t worry. I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I stay in a VERY small town and its hard to find a job. I had recently left my old job of eight years due to some personal reasons. At first I thought it’d take about a month or two at the most to find another job. Boy was I wrong. One month went by then three until it became a whole year. I was soo stressed because I had so much going on in my life and I really didn’t need the stress of not having a job. I would put in at least five applications a day. I applied to jobs that were almost one hundred miles away from where I lived. I was losing hope that I would be able to even find one. There were a few times that I got called in for an interview. For one job I made all the way to the third and last part of the interviewing process. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job even though I did great with everything. That was almost my breaking point. I was in a really bad place when all this was going on. So when I didn’t get the job I was hurt on so many levels. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any of the jobs I applied too or gotten an interview with. I had been given the chance to do many interviews and I still wasn’t offered the job.


Then the miracle happened. I started praying really hard to God and asking Him to give me a job. Then I remembered that I needed to be specific with what I asked for. Now that alone wasn’t good enough. No, I had to really believe and envision myself working at the job I was praying for. I had been praying since day one but I didn’t really mean it. The pray I was praying was a “basic” pray. There was no meaning behind the prayer. I started really praying and doing better at putting myself out there. That’s when the unthinkable happened. I had applied to job months ago and I never heard back from them. I still kept sending in applications after applications and that’s when I got the phone call to set up an interview day and time. I was over the moon happy at this point. Once the day came I made sure I was ready. I sat down and had the interview with the manger and got the job the same day. I knew that It was all because of God. He had been busy opening doors for me. It was a tough getting to this moment but It made me appreciate it more. Now its been almost a year since I’ve started working and I’m always grateful. Like any job is stressful at times but I’m always grateful to have it. I hope that this message encourages someone out there to never give up and to put your trust in the Lord. He came through for me sooooo many times that I’ve lost count. I am here to testify that He is an on time God.