As the great Lucille Bell once said “Love yourself first and everything else falls in line.” Self-love starts in the inside. You can’t “correctly” love someone if you don’t yet know how to love yourself. I have three steps to get you on the right path of self-love. First, get to know yourself (inside and out). Secondly, accept who you are and what you stand for. And lastly, enforce that self-love so that others will recognize that you’re AWESOME.

          The first step to self-love is getting to know yourself. Take time out to get to know who you are inside and out. Find what makes you genuinely happy. That could be spending a few days alone to recharge. Take that alone time to find out what you will and will not allow. Not only from a lover, but from family, allies, and coworkers! And lastly set up ground rules about what you will and will not let happen in your life.

          Secondly, accept the real you. That’s going to take some time as well. For you’re just discovering who you are and falling in love with yourself. You’re learning how to be enough for yourself. Once you open your eyes and see how beautiful, sassy, strong, and unique you are; you’ll love yourself even more. The sooner you embrace the new and improved you the better you’ll feel about your life. You’ll have a whole new mindset on life. Your old ways and habits will be replaced by fresh ones.

          Lastly, it’s now time to “enforce” this “new” and improved you to others. What I mean by “enforce” is to simply let others recognize that you know your worth. The matters that left you sad or stressed won’t affect you anymore. You’ve set the ground rules of what you will and will not allow. You now know how priceless you are. You’ll recognize when to walk away from a negative or stressful situation.

          In conclusion the journey of loving yourself unconditionally is a process. Some days you’ll feel like giving up and settle for less than what you deserve. I’m speaking purely from personal experience. Don’t give in and fall for less. You’re a queen/king and you deserve and have every right to be treated like one. Don’t settle for a half real, half fake relationship, friendship, or treatment. Once you learn to genuinely love you, flaws and all, everyone else will also.

    Peace, Love, Hope and Faith